im having problems with my microphone.
i just got my computer back yesterday from the shop because is had a serious problem which was you could not log in, not even in safe mode or even normaly, but i got this fixed and im sure it was a virus and in the end we reinstalled windows XP home, and now i could log in.
anyway when i got home i pluged all the plugs in and checked about 5 times if they were in the right place.
i went to talk on ventrilo (comunication program for games) and my mates could not hear me, i went to sound recorder and tried to record things but it could only record through the speakers (i have a headset), i checked all the plugs and they were still right, i switched them around and did everything i could think of, in the end i went to the volume control and mic was on mute, i unmuted it and i could hear myself speak but my mates couldn't, also i know that mono in should of been there but it was missing, i tried reinstalling the drivers and everything that could be done and still i have no luck, i have a AC97 (i think it is) driver and its an onboard sound card.
any help would be very helpfull
thank you
please if you have a solution to this please send me an email Vernon_69_@hotmail.com