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Thread: Upgrading to SATA from IDE

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    Upgrading to SATA from IDE

    Hi guys, i was reading the forum and some doubts assaulted my mind on posts about sata.

    Next week im buying a sata disk. Now i have an ide one plenty of info. I will sell this one after i copy the data to the new disk.

    I have read in this forum that I need to install sata drivers. Is that true? Will windows xp pro not able to detect the sata drive without them? I'm talking of formatting sata drive from inside windows, not installing win.

    Then after the disk is copied, i'm planning to move the OS as an image, i don't want to format, i did it last week. I have seen that partition magic and acronis has "change letter drive" feature. Have any of you tried to do an updrade without formatting? works good? Which program do you recommend me to pass the OS as an image? norton ghost? or just copy the partition with acronis or partition magic?

    Now an old doubt. Time ago i read that sata drives can be connected in hot, as an usb (plug & play). That was time ago, after that i have never read that since new maxtor drives, so... Does all sata drives support that feature? or only second generation ones?

    The last doubt i have may be a bit subjective, the sata disk will be 200 gb. Do you think that maxtor is better than seagate? All my disk have been seagate and i wonder if now is the time to change the brand.

    Thanks in advance
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    No, SATA drives are not needed unless you are going to run a RAID array. Moving the OS as an image will probably work, you can use Ghost, Acronis True Image etc..

    In my experience, Maxtor drives are faster and run cooler than Seagate.

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