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Thread: Adsl and VPN

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    Adsl and VPN

    Hey there

    don't know if anyone here can help me. Friend of mine has xp home sp1 and is now on dsl 256/512. He sits in Argentina, his office in Germany and the only give him the possibility to log in with vpn in their network.

    Up to now its faster to go thru 56k dialup to use VPN, the speed we see brwosing is decreasing dramatically when starting VPN.

    Any ideas??


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    Is the friend behind a router or firewall? If so, temporarily remove those items while connecting to the VPN and see if that has any effect?

    Further, he might want to try to establish a VPN with someone else just to see if the Germany VPN is the one causing the issue.

    If your friend can connect at full speeds to another VPN, perhaps the German servers are not configured properly.. or maybe they are... and they don't want the clients connecting at full speed.

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