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Thread: New email virus (

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    New email virus (

    Just got this in my email and thought I'd give warning to people....

    A Digital Postcards(R) Greeting from honey waiting for you at POSTCARDS.COM!

    If you have a modern e-mail program, you can go directly to your card by clicking:

    *PLEASE* make sure your mail program has not cut the CardID # into 2 lines!! If it has,
    you need to use the Old-Fashioned method below.

    You can pick-up your postcard the old-fashioned way, by going to the following URL:

    and entering your postcard ID number: 40d00aab3c00b21c

    If postcard is not picked up within two weeks, it may be removed.

    Thank you!

    This is a free service of Digital Postcards(R) at POSTCARDS.COM:
    Now, hovering the mouse over the first link (the one to the card), you actually get this info:
    So I copied and pasted the url into IE and received this page at
    Oops, we had the following problem:

    The pickup code you entered is not valid. The email was sent out by a virus, probably in MS Outlook, and has been picking up steam. The card was NOT sent by us!!

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    Watching Your every move...

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    Difinetly, Not good to hear. Does it only affect IE with some sort of URL redirection?

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    bad news...

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    O No

    My mom

    got it it was in her junk mail her friend from

    SO my mom thought it was ok

    Luckly Her Seting for Nortin Wus to not allow accses to the file

    Her Nortan Came up and said it was lock bla bla

    well was it a hybrid so not just one file

    how do i Kill it if it not

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