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Thread: ew Outpost Version 2.5 Released (build 369/369)

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    Outpost Version 2.5 Released (build 369/369)

    Not sure why "ew" made it's way into title - anyway:

    New Outpost Version 2.5 Released (build 369/369)
    Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro 2.5 offers an extensive list of valuable features that maintain the integrity of your system on the Internet.
    Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro 2.5 features improvements that make it more reliable, flexible and easy to use.

    What's new?

    Personal Firewall

    - Network mask support in Network Address dialogs
    - Filtering of localhost packets in rules creation dialog
    - Filtering of transit packets in rules creation dialog for better performance on the gateway PCs
    - RAWSOCKET and non-IP protocols control
    - Ability to allow/block ICMP type 10 (Router Solicitation)
    - Presets for working in Windows domain
    - Support for creating rules for applications with non-English names
    - Ability to add command line parameters for 'Run application' action in rules creation dialog

    Component Control

    - Ability to accept one changed component for all applications at once
    - Ability to view all controlled components for particular application
    - Ability to rebuild component control database from scratch

    Leak tests

    - Protection against process memory space hijacking by malicious code (Copycat and Thermite leak tests)
    - Prompt for launching a process in hidden window (former DisableNetworkForHiddenPrcoess option in outpost.ini)
    - Password protection from unauthorized stopping/terminating of Outpost service


    - Option to turn logging off without Outpost restart
    - Export of log files in CSV format
    - Log Viewer shows records in real time
    - Component Control events are logged

    Advanced Configuration Wizard

    - Ability to edit application rules while performing auto configuration during installation
    - Ability to build Component Control database during installation
    - Ability to run auto configuration both during installation and when creating a new configuration

    Miscellaneous Outpost improvements

    - Access to Log Viewer can be protected by password
    - Faster IGMP and ICMP packet processing
    - "What's new" is available" from the Help menu
    - Warning if user exits Outpost or switches it to Disable mode
    - "Show Log Viewer" option added to tray shortcut menu
    - Outpost does not require a restart after entering registration key
    - All passwords used in Outpost are encrypted
    - The date before license expiration is shown
    - [Last Hosts] option in outpost.ini is no more logged
    - Automatically switching to Block most policy after certain period of inactivity or screen saver activation
    - Ability to select a policy for Background mode

    Attack Detection plug-in

    - Option to play sound when attack or port scanning is detected
    - Option to unblock the IP that was blocked by Attack Detection plug-in after attack or port scanning
    - Ability to turn on and off detection of attacks of particular type
    - Exclusion list of IPs from which port scanning would not be detected
    - Exclusion list of ports to which port scanning would not be detected
    - Customizing a weight of danger for port to trigger Port Scanning detection warning
    - Customizing a weight of danger to trigger Port Scanning detection warning for Low, Normal and Maximum modes
    - Fine tuning of attack and scanning detection internal parameters

    DNS Cache plug-in

    - All requests to remote port 53 violating the DNS standards are blocked
    - Ability to exclude host from being cached

    Attachment Quarantine plug-in

    - Non-English attachments now also can be renamed
    - CLSID now also can be renamed
    - Attachment extensions are shown in Attachment Quarantine Properties dialog

    Ads plug-in

    - Ability to download list of keywords from Agnitum forum (AGNIS list)
    - Import and export of the plug-in settings

    Active Content plug-in

    - Referrer blocking on per site basis
    - Prompt option for referrers

    Content plug-in

    - Option to exclude some sites from being blocked by plug-in
    - Import and export of the plug-in settings

    Fixes (only major are listed):

    - BSOD on Hyper threading PCs
    - Log Cleaner crashed and slowed performance
    - Different kinds of system freezes including freeze due to alert on blocked attack, freeze during standby, freeze caused by malformed e-mails
    - Incorrect service registration distorting TCP protocol performance
    - Memory leaks due to IGMP flood
    - Troubles in rules settings for applications located not on hard disk (floppy, CD, etc.)
    - Outpost crashed during Windows shutdown
    - NetBIOS counters now show correct number of sent/received bytes
    - Blocking of access to specific sites
    - Errors while creating exclusions lists for Ads and Active content plug-ins
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