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Thread: In need of advice....

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    In need of advice....

    I installed the google tool bar to help with pop ups, and it works fine while on the internet but what about pop ups that occur when i'm not connected, where do these come from?

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    some spyware software downloads the ads onto your computer and stores them . when you disconnect from the internet or restart your computer the spyware still is alive and dishing out ads to you when your computer is active. Some spyware actually turns your computer into a webserver and your computer actually sends popup ads to other upset computer users all over the world.

    you should scan your computer for spyware.

    read this updated thread and follow each step to clean your computer.


    i'm hoping for Candy if you get your computer cleaned

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    spyware is my guess too...try ad can be downloaded for free from

    egghead's the expert, by the way
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