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Thread: Free scanner+repair for infected JPEGs (MS04-028)

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    Free scanner+repair for infected JPEGs (MS04-028)

    Free scanner+repair for infected JPEGs (MS04-028)
    As many of you would know there is a critical vulnerability that allows attackers to gain control over a remote system simply by enticing the victim into viewing a specially-crafter JPEG file.

    A free scanner has now been released to help with the detection and disinfection/repair of JPEG files infected with MS04-028 exploit code. The scanner is available in both console and GUI user interfaces, and at less than 30kbs in size it's a quick download and easy to use. More information and the direct download link can be found here:

    Please help us spread the word, and please share with your friends and colleagues to help reduce their chance of infection. Enjoy the program.

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    Wouldn't an anti-virus program do the same thing?


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