Active Desktop in Windows lets you see Web content on the desktop. You can make the desktop your own personal and updated webpage with information such as stock tickers, sports scores, weather updates, and headlines. Today, Chris is going to show you the secrets of Active Desktop.

Here's how you enable Active Desktop:

Right-click an empty area on the desktop.
Point to Active Desktop and click "View As Web Page." A check mark will appear. You may see your screen flicker for a second while Active Desktop is turned on. To disable the Active Desktop, click "View As Web Page" one more time to clear the check mark.

To add an Active Desktop item, follow these steps:

Right-click an empty area on the desktop and select Properties.
Click the Web tab and then click the box labeled "View my Active Desktop as a webpage."
Click the button labeled New.
Click No on the pop-up window unless you want to use an Active Desktop item from the Desktop Component Gallery on Microsoft's website. (Microsoft does provide some decent Active Desktop fodder.)
To use an external webpage as an Active Desktop item just type the site's address. If you want to use a webpage that's stored on your computer, just click Browse to search your hard disk.
Add as many websites as you want.
Click the created box or boxes you want to include and click Apply.
Items will appear in your new Active Desktop and can be resized to any desired size.

YOu must have an internet connection to do this.