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Thread: Adding old EIDE drive to new SATA computer

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    Adding old EIDE drive to new SATA computer

    My old Windows ME computer died recently - I could only boot to SAFE mode despite many attempts to reinstall, etc. I was about to buy a new computer anyway, so I did so. Now I want to get the data from old to new. A couple of questions, if I may. One, is there anyway to "laplink" or otherwise transfer data out of a computer operating in SAFE mode? And two, if not, can I simply transfer the old hard drive onto the new computer? I thought this would be fairly easy, even for a relative neophyte as myself. But the new computer has SATA drive any my old is EIDE, if I'm saying it correctly. Any suggestions?

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    It's easy remove the HD and hook it up to one of the IDE ports on the new computer and move your files.

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    you can use a program called laplink 5.0

    it works in dos over com ports.

    you must create a win98 bootdisk as winme will not give you full dos access.

    get it here

    but the easiest is to put the old drive into the new computer to find the files you want and copy them to the new drive.

    i recommend unplugging the computer and removing the cd-roms power and cable and using that for the old drive

    restart your coimputer and enter your bios and re-detect the drives

    copy your files and turn off your computer and remove old hard drive and put cables back on your cd-rom detect your drives and your done

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    Yes the most simplest way would be as FastGame suggested. Connect your old IDE harddrive into your new computer case, and windows will detect it and you should be able to copy data from that old one to your new SATA drive.

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