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Thread: Blondes and Alcohol

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    Blondes and Alcohol

    OMG - What a morning I wake up and the world just comes apart.

    Screaming matches before my first coffee. . . ARRRRGGGHHHHHhh...

    OK firstly allow me to apologies for my last post to you LK.
    I wrongly assumed this was some sort of elaborate way to set me up and get me in trouble.
    On this I was wrong.
    After reading your post Lynchknot, for the first time I was furious at you for insinuating I was to blame for this fraudulent act.

    In truth, I didn’t even really believe any of it.
    And no at no point have I EVER felt paranoid.

    I was so mad after reading it that when I went for breakfast (morning here) and was discussing it.
    One of the girls I live with started snickering and looking guilty.
    I said “What the %*&$ have you done??”

    It seems a few weeks back when I was out, she had some friends over they had a few drinks and started to mess with my computer, which was on and online (downloading-from edonkey), and apparently, the thread we had about you having me on ”ignore” was up.

    She said: Quote: “We just sent a stupid e-mail – who cares.”

    I was so mad I started going off at her (I was already angry) yelling at her WTF are you doing on my computer in the first place doing *&% like that !!" . .etc . . .

    I was absolutely furious and have been having a yelling match about the seriousness of this.

    Your suspicions were right.
    So yes it was my computer - and I feel sick, furious and stupid all at once.

    I have tried to login to the hotmail account ( ken_lynch_39 )but either she has the password wrong or the account has been closed.
    Probably both, I think they close after a few days if you don't re-activate them.

    She not only blames her friends and denies any involvement (which I seriously doubt) but she also doesn’t give a toss about any of it and told me to “grow up and get a real life away from the computer and all those tragic nerds”.
    I tried to ask her who was responsible if it wasn’t her? to which I received verbal personal abuse.
    As you can imagine I am extremely pissed off and feel frustrated about what has happened.

    I’m really sorry about all this Lynch, but these people don’t give a damn about computers or the net community, its just a toy to them.
    And I am as much a victim in this as you.

    I hope this has put your mind to rest, as this was the only reason I have posted this.

    Complaining to my ISP would have got you no where.

    And once again – if I had done this – there are a million ways to mask my I.P. and provider.

    But I’m not that stupid or malicious, I believe these girls have no concept or care about if they hurt people. They just see it as, causing a heap of trouble, as a bit of a laugh and they walk away. Although I understand the seriousness and nastiness of this behavior I honestly believe they just did it as drunken prank defending me.
    They are just utterly stupid, not evil.

    So rest assured LK it’s over.

    I also apologies to any other people who have been involved in this stupidity.

    Lynchknot, although I know how much you dislike me, I have always really hoped that at some stage we would be friends.
    I have never hated you even though we have disagreed.
    Many people have told me in PM’s that you really are a nice guy and that in time it would all be cool. I have always hoped we would find a neutral ground and friendship.
    I think we have a lot more in common than J. Garner and have often thought we would make an excellent team working on graphics and skins together if we managed to get along.
    But that looks like it’s now out the window.

    I would NEVER attack someone’s art, as I am an artist myself, least of all target a woman/girl, for the love of God. !!!

    Once again I'm sorry about the upset this has caused you but I had no idea until this morning and believe me I am as pissed off as you are.

    I don't need this in my life any more than you do.

    I feel like a damned idiot.

    Also, outside of unplugging my monitor does anyone know of a program that will allow me to continue downloading from such programs as ED2k while I’m away and lock out other users completely ?
    I tried just logging out, but it closes my programs and downloads. ?

    Also - Please post how you feel about this behavior below so that when she comes back I can print it out and show her all the bull&%$*, her and her friends have caused me and others.
    Try not to be too emotional or she will just dismiss it."

    Then I might take a break from the forum for a while.

    I don't need this.

    I want my day back..

    Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.~ Groucho

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    if this is true it was really bad...ppl should learn to respect the net community... that one email she sent hurt three ppl (zen, lk, and the girl who recieved the abuse)... pathetic..

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    Please excuse me if I don't buy that story or all of it (please allow me to be skeptical without taking offense - I don't know you) but it does not matter. I'll accept that as your version even though it sounds far fetched that they would use my deviantart account as a reference, read stuff about my dad which is not at devianatart but at my webtv site!, create an email account with my name and deliver an email to some poor young artist, etc -all this while being drunk? If you want to stick with this then OK - It's your story.

    sorry to say i've already reported to hotmail (I don't think they'll do anything but close the account anyway).

    Really, the only reason for these negative feelings toward you was the fact that you were new here and it seemed you had no respect for those who were here before you and were "veterans" of this board - not to mention some of us felt USA bashing.

    It seemed you just threw your weight around and it did not seem to matter who you insulted.
    My thought (first impression) was, "who does this guy think he is"? "He is in our house talking sh*t" - mind you we've been here since 2002 and you - hell, I had no idea who you were or what you were about - only that it seemed you were getting "smart" with many here.

    It took me a better part of a year or more to be able to be more myself as others have gotten to know me. People are usually on their best behavior when entering a new environment and I could not understand why it seemed to not matter to you.

    How do you feel about those girls disrespecting you in your house? IMO that is what they did.

    Do you allow stangers into your house and let them critisise you, your lifestyle or your country?

    OK Z3N - We'll call peace between us - I did try to lighten the atmosphere with the Jennifer Garner post - that was my intention.

    BTW - The word "learnt" was a dead giveaway. I knew immediately it was not someone from the US. The first thing I did was run a search for the word on this board to see who used it -

    edit - that young lady was very hurt and had to question the community whether of not to continue to draw. Perhaps you would be interested in this thread of hers:

    While it's out there, does anyone else think I should quit? 'Cause I wanna know now before I finish my last year of Art School. Yes, I promise I'll put my sculpture pics and things up here when I get them back from the school board.
    *you can create a limited guest account and password protect yours and "fast switch" to the guest account before you leave the house - or you can lock your computer while you're away - I don't know how 'cause i'm the only one on this.
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    This probably wont help much but, if your computer is a member of a domain you can simply CTRL + ALT + DEL and select Lock Computer. This will lock your pc and leave all your apps running.

    I dont know the whole story of what has been going on but my sister used to jump on my computer and start insulting my MSN contacts which resulted in alot of them blocking me and me losing quite a few friends

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    OK I've calmed down but havn't eaten anything and feel a bit giddy.
    This has upset me and I've had a crap day as a result.

    I kind of figured you wouldn't want to believe me but there is not alot I can do about that.
    Which is just another frustration.
    But believe me I'm not that stupid that I can't mask myself if I had to.

    All I can do is apologies.

    I'm very sorry about all this Lynch, and yes you are right they have disrespected me and my property, along with undoing any attempt of good I have tried to do here.

    I have tried to contribute with my art and even try to help people on occasion.

    I'm starting to get mad thinking about it.

    As for exactly how boozy they were, I have no idea but they obviously used your signature as links to your personal profile.

    Also I'm sorry if I have offended you in the past with my "attitude" and I mean that sincereley.

    I don't have any enemies (that I'm aware of) and I have never intentionally tried to personally attack you, or anyone for that matter.
    Although we have argued, and things have got heated, I have never held any disrespect for you.
    I honestly hoped we would one day be friends.

    I speak my mind because I know I don't hate anyone, I just disagree, and voice my opinion.

    I will contact this poor girl and explain the circumstances and try to clear your name.
    If you think I would attack a girl who is a complete stranger, then you have me very wrong.
    I know you are an intelligent man, just think about it.

    I don't put energy into things like that and have not for many many years.
    Once again I'm 37 years of age have learned, you reap what you sow, and I don't sow bitter seeds.

    I'd also like to apologies to the members and admin of Techzonez for this infringment.

    Although after todays outburst, (I don't get angry often) I doubt if they'll ever touch my computer again, but until I figure out how to protect my computer, I think I'll just shut it down when I leave the house.

    BTW. I never use hotmail . . . . ever. !!!

    My web -mail of choice is

    Happy damn Halloween

    Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.~ Groucho

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    I'm closing this thread...ok, Z3n and lynch if you need to work anything else out can you do it via private PM. Thank you guys.

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