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Thread: Networked Basement Computer software shutdown

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    Networked Basement Computer software shutdown

    Say a person wants to network 2 computers and they put one of them in the
    basement. The main computer being upstairs in their room or workarea. They make a switch to shut power off to the basement computer from their upstairs work area. Now they can shut power down to the basement computer by the use of a switch. They can also power up the basement
    computer in their work area. Now this presents the problem of software
    shutdown. Say the main work area computer has Win XP. The basement
    computer could have Win 98, Win Me or maybe XP on it. How does a person do a software shutdown to the basement computer before they turn off power to it by using the main computer in their work area? Is there a utility that perform this task? Is there a free utility that can preform this shutdown.
    There may be a way to write a program in Visaul Basic to do this. Has
    anyone tryed it?
    thank you,

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    You might just wanna run a Remote Desktop connection instead.

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    Try start - run "shutdown -i" without the quotes, add the name of your downstairs computer and shut it down remotely.

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    I think they've changed it to "shutdown -m \\basement"

    this would be good if it worked... let us know... else Remote Desktop is an option for XP machine, else TightVNC for other OS

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    Try this app:

    I've used it and recommend it.

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