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Thread: Warez Peer 2 peer and windows XP pro

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    Warez Peer 2 peer and windows XP pro

    ok I like warez peer to peer

    and lime wire but just recently I have been having probs

    firstly I can find any film I looking for It will satrt to downloads then about ten mins later downloading stops but says its continiung the counters dont move but my uploads carry on. If I leave it an hour the uploads stop I have no connectivty to the internt and I have to repair my connex after shutting all software down.

    any ideas???

    I have no limit on my broadband on the bandwitdh I can have I could dl 700,000 meg if I wanted

    and Limewire has stopped connecting to its network or if it does connect no longer tells me how many users are on and my connectivity is poor

    os is win xp pro

    I have scanned for virii, shearched my reg for hidden spy ware etc

    this has only happened over last 5 or 6 days
    Isp says there are no probs and if I dont use peer to peer software I can dl anything all day and night

    is there a hidden bug shitte in XP pro sp2????

    ps firewall is disabled any help would be cool

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    hmm...not sure about Limewire or P2P, but I know that SP2 has limited the number of open connections to a pc to 10 (or something like that) to limit the spread of worms. the article is found here: Microsoft Technet

    As for as fixing it, not too sure. Maybe the article will point you in the right direction.

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    emule has 232 ports open right now. I think that fix somewhere posted on this board worked.

    *edit - here's a patch:
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