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Thread: xp wont install after power cut

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    xp wont install after power cut

    hi guys, apologies for leeching a tech answer on my first post, but ill get into the forums as soon as i got a working PC!

    basically, i overloaded my circuit that the PC is on, and the fuse tripped on my RCD unit, switching off the PC that was on at the time..

    upon reboot, it said that the windows system file was corrupt and fixboot or fixmbr didnt help so i decided to format that partition and reinstall xp..

    now, i cant get XP onto the freshly formatted (NTFS full format) 7200 rpm HDD...

    what happens is it gets stuck into a reset loop when it finishes the install and tries to load XP (on the loading XP screen)... the load progress bar doesnt move at all, then the colours drop to a lower colour count and the reset loop begins everytime..

    my system was working fine until now, and i wonder if ive zapped a hardware component..

    my system is a new MSI mobo with a P4 2.5 chip in.. 8xAGP and stuff like that..
    2 sticks of DDR and a geforce 5200 FX with DDR..

    the system was all good until now..

    thing is, ive done fixboot, fixmbr and cleared the CMOS and run CHKDSK, and the HDD seems ok.. the xp cd is a original new one with no scratches..

    the ram would have set off POST beeps if it was screwed, surely..

    and the gfx card would be visibly messed up if it was screwed, so i cant see why XP wont take..,.

    any suggestions on how i can find out if the HDD is screwed or what i could do?

    thanks a hell of a lot!
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    Welcome. Your tech question is what we are here for.

    I believe you are stuch with drastic measures. Go to the website for HD and download the support utility for writing 0's to your hard drive. Run the utility and then do a new XP install.

    Be prepared for a long process. Writing 0's to the HD will take several hours.

    Before doing this, you might want to wait a while to see if anyone else had a solution that is not a drastic as this one.
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    In my experience Windows install problems are usually memory related. Try running memtest:

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