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Thread: sata and ide hard drive problem

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    sata and ide hard drive problem

    i'm kind of new to using sata drives because i've used ide drives all my life. Now i have two ide drives and bought a sata drive and was hoping to just use it as storage. I'm using an asus intel p4p800 deluxe mobo and tried to install the sata drive but my computer won't recognize it. Now i went into the bios and it recognized the sata drive but as a 3rd master drive? Now here is where i'm confused. How exactly do i setup these hard drives? Do i change the jumper settings on my ide master and set it as my slave or is there a way that i can set the sata drive as another slave or storage drive.

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    We have the same motherboard. I'm using one IDE and one SATA hard drive. No need to change any jumpers on your IDE drives.

    What I did is I booted from an XP disc and then formatted the SATA drive, and immediately after the format, I pressed the reboot swtich so that the XP disc would not install any system files on it. Then it should be accessible in Windows.

    Alternatively you can download drive tools from your SATA drive's manufacturer web site to format the drive.

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