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Thread: Need help with icon background.

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    Need help with icon background.

    I have windows xp and stupid microsoft just had to take out the gui for setting a background for your folders for some reason. I found out how to do it for xp by looking online BUT!!!!! none of them tell me how to set a background color for my icon labels. Because of this, when I have certain pics as a background the text becomes hard to read. So if anyone could customize one of their folders and pick a black for a icon background color, then post the exact text of the hidden desktop.ini file that is created with the customization, I would really really be thankful.

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    Are you talking about the text background color?

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    yea, i think that he is talking about the text background color. i remember everyone being in a tizzy about how annoying it was in win9x to not be transparant... and now people are complaining about the tranceparancy, lol.

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