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Thread: GMail: Silently Deleting files?

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    GMail: Silently Deleting files?

    Darknest sends word that his Gmail account has been terminated by Google because of suspicious files stored in his account. According to the user, he admits to having a few cracks and key generators on his account but is unsure how Google found out about it.
    Very interesting stuff there. It would seem that it would be simple enough for them to target words and delete the offending messages... I just don't like the big brother over my back approach.

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    agreed... thats very concerning.

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    Watching Your every move...

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    I'm going to take the other side of this issue. First I am going to make an assumption that when you accept the account this issue was covered in their use agreement.

    Companies have the right to determine how their free services will be used. They have an obligation to stock holders to closely manage those services. If you pay for an email service with someone that guarantees total protection of your emails from external and companie surveillance of your emails, you might have an argument. Remember that the guy who was cancelled by Google was dealing in cracks which is an illegal activity.

    We, as users of a free service, don't get to set the rules. We use it as it is offered or go somewhere else.
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