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    Im having trouble with some redhat 8 server issues. I am pretty new, and I am having a hard time figuring this out. What is happening is I have this computer connected to a router and a switch. The linux machine and the other machine (windows) that it is connected to can ping each other and both the router and switch, but when i try to view something on the windows machine through mozilla on the linux one, it says that the connection was rejected. How can I make the linux computer accept connections?( im using redhat 8.0 and the other computer is windows 95).

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    I think u need to config smb on Linux for view Windows Share.
    Try to d/l webmin to your Linux machine and set it up.
    Then config smb on webmin.

    I am not favor on it. but hope info can help u.

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    I am not sure since I am no Linux Guru, but I was going to suggest lemoncoke suggestion. smb has some security issues, that you might want to check out. Also, before even trying smb, you might want to update your kernel if you know how, or just download and install Fedora 2. Fedora is a lot easier to use, and you will have a newer kernel, fixing lots of issues

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