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Thread: What is the best tooless Case to buy?

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    What is the best tooless Case to buy?

    Looking for a mid-tower or smaller tooless case. Wondering which PC case is best for future upgrading and diversity. Hopefully something easy to work with. Pull out rack for motherboard. Probably go with light beige color without
    the fancy lights. I have been looking at the A-top corporate series but
    maybe there are some alternative brands out there. Will be using the
    Athon processors and motherboards but would consider a case that
    would take a variety of motherboards. What do you like as far as cases?

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    Any other color except beige! I love my Thermaltake case:
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    All I can say it that the most tooless case is the one from DELL. Click click and click thats all there is to it. Even the Motherboard mounting it all about click!
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