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Thread: Tests/Tutorials/Topics/Tips Sites - links

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    Tests/Tutorials/Topics/Tips Sites - links

    I saw this post over at Wilders and thought it would be useful here. Post is a little old so some links may no longer work.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tassie_Devils
    Hi Guys:

    I thought I would post this as I have seen some newer members asking for test sites, and other info.

    I cannot be sure if I have posted this previously on this site, [I have done a smaller one elsewhere] and if so, I apologise, either way, it will bring a pretty good starter's listing for newer members to have at their disposal in one list.

    At time of posting, each link has been verified

    Trend Micro's free online [Housecall] virus scanner:
    BitDefender Free Online Virus Scan:
    Panda ActiveScan Online Virus Scan:
    PCPitstop AntiVirus Online Scan:
    Symantec's Online Scan:
    Eicar virus tests. Test YOUR AV:


    These sites 'probe' your computer looking for vulnerabilities in your system. Probe to see what Ports they can/cannot connect to, what info they can get about your OS, your browser, clipboard, email weaknesses, etc.

    Please make sure you read each site's page first as you want to make sure you are scanning your IP and not your ISP's Proxy Server. Some sites you will have no choice to alter the setting if you are behind a 'Proxy IP' that your ISP provides. I personally cannot be scanned by one or two of the sites most of the time, as they only detect my ISP's Proxy address, therefore waste of time and your ISP may get cranky if you keep probing their ports.

    Declude email tests:
    GFI Email Security Testing Zone:

    Some of these sites you may have to "Register", just fill in a UserName and password or email for verification. No personal details needed, all sites listed below are trustworthy.
    Note: Also, the terminology may differ site to site, what one site classes as "Stealthed" may be "Blocked", etc. Blackcode's site [first in list] results are either "Closed" or "Open". In this case "Closed" is what you want. Other sites [GRC's] will have "Stealth", "Closed" "Open", in this case "Stealth" is what you are looking for.

    Computer Cops Security Professionals:
    PC Flank Complete Check:
    PCPitStop Checks/TuneUp:
    Qualys' Free Browser Checkup:
    Sygate Online Services:
    Steve Gibons's "ShieldsUP" [GRC-Gibson Research Centre]: OR
    [You may have to download the very small, standalone, IPAgent which determines your TRUE IP]

    Keyboard Shortcuts: Dozens of shortcuts to help navigate quicker. Example ~ Have you ever clicked on a link, the link then opens up in same window, then there is another link, etc. etc. and you get lost trying to go back? Well, for those occasions when you wish you could get a new window QUICKLY [yes, I know in IE you can set preferences to open up new window each link, but not always convenient], simply hold down the Shift key while clicking on the link and a new window opens. Lots more in there.

    Tweak Central ~ Computer OS/Browser/mail Tweaks:

    BlackViper's Services Tweaks ~ Turn Off/Disable those Unneeded Services:

    Windows Support Center:

    Windows XP Tweaks and Fixes:

    Desktop Tips ~ Bob Cerelli's Windows Page:

    Parasite Names/References [hijackers/keyloggers, etc.]:

    Task List Process ~ Find out what those running processes are:

    Miscellaneous OS Tools:

    Start-up Applications ~ Find out what those start-up apps are for:

    Windows XP Troubleshooting A-Z [Excellent]:

    UK Security Online ~ Securing YOUR OS [Excellent]:

    Inside Outlook Express ~ Tools/Tips:

    Knowledge Base Links, Commands & Utilities ALL OS:

    Computer Privacy, Security and Software Links ~ VERY COOL:

    Internet Explorer Privacy & Security Settings ~ Very Good Site for IE:

    Want to know what that Qxxxxxxxxxx is all about. Tired of looking for a particular one?
    Go to:

    Outlook Express Stationery:


    Wayne's Windows Administrator Support site for Windows NT / Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Penetration Testing / Firewalls: LOTS of links inside....

    Outlook Express Security Related Info: Lots of troubleshooting, etc: OR: to Home Page with lots extra info various flavours.


    Microsoft Setting up Security Zones IE:

    StormRanger Computer Security:

    my | NETWATCHMAN Attacks Info:

    Distributed Intrusion Detection System

    IGGYZ PLACE: Now this is the be-all end-all of Internet security tests/links/advice/information:

    There is over 667 links inside each of the testing/info sites in this page. Take weeks to cover it all. Then.....

    there is this:
    Over 770 links to various information/topics/fixes relating to Viruses. It's a "Must Read" for anyone seriously interested in security.

    Edit: Reference to live malware site has been removed. We can't link to sites that provide real/functional malware components. Thanks. LWM

    I hope I have not 'doubled' up on url's. If so, then it must be a good site, lol.

    That's it for me. I do have more, but post pretty long as it is

    Cheers, TAS.
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