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Thread: xp freezing after switching video card

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    xp freezing after switching video card

    hey guys i've been trying to figure out my problem but i can't seem to pinpoint it.... i recently decided to switch my geforce2 mx with a geforce2 pro (i know guys, behind the times; but i'm a poor college student).

    everytime i start windows xp home it freezes up---tried it in safemode and everything---switched the mx back in and it works fine again

    could someone give me a hand?!

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    You should try and uninstall the card first in Device Manager before switching the cards.

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    Do like Conan says and if all works with the original card, download the latest drivers for the new card and try to install it again with those. If it still freezes or hangs you may have a bad card or your motherboard may not support that video card.

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    also google for a download on detenator destroyer I thinks thats what its called. Cleans out old drivers before installing new ones.

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