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Thread: Power Supply shoot out

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    Exclamation Power Supply shoot out

    I'VE EXTOLLED the virtues of quality power supplies so many times that saying they're the most often overlooked PC component feels like a cliche. But it's true. In my experience, poor quality generic-brand power supplies are often the root of PC stability problems. Also, as new processors and graphics cards demand more power than ever before, quality power supplies are becoming more important.
    source: The Tech Report

    Looks like OCZ and Enermax win but a dam $45 PS almost beats them
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    I'll buy that.If your going to buy a case that you like for it's looks,if it comes with a power supply make sure it is a good quality one.Buy from a site that has ratings from which you can compare.Or buy a case without the PS and add a top of the line one.
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