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Thread: Modem dropped speed

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    Modem dropped speed

    As I live in an isolated area the only internet connection available is 56k dial up. I was getting a speed of 31.+kbps since I got internet several years ago and now suddenly my speed has dropped down to 28.8.

    I contacted the ISP and the phone company and they say all is well at their end.

    Any idea as to why the sudden and unexpected drop in speed?

    PS: If I could get a faster connection I would but it simply isn't available up here, cell phones don't work very well up here either.


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    The last I checked, the phone co. only has to guarantee a 28 baud connection speed. That is sufficient for voice transmission but obviously not modem connection. If there hasn't been any bad weather the phone co may have have put in some line filters or PADS that may have lowered the connect speed.

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    Yep rik is right, I had the phone company test my line and they told me the same thing. I lucked out mine tested @56k, guess you could say I have high speed dialup with 6kbs downloads

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    well you 2 I would happily trade you my 5m cable for living out in the stix.

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    Halder - The first thing is that at least you havent lost a lot of speed. 28.8 is still faster than connect speeds that I had before I converted to Satellite several years ago. The fastest connection that I could get was 24,6.

    First thing, make sure the port speed is set to 115,200 bits per sec.

    Second, change the telephone cable that goes to your modem. It is possible that the cable has sustained slight damage that is impacting speed.

    Third, download MTU speed or DrTCP to change MTU setting. The most recommended setting for dial-up is 576. That might not be optimum for your system. You can test a variety of settings by choosing a new setting and then pinging your isp home page. Settings must be divisible by 8. That means acceptable settings might be 320, 400, 480, 800. The lower ping time means faster speed.

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