I'm wondering what the nearest comparable Matrox video cards are to their nVidia/ATI counterparts.
So far I believe this sums things up:
  • TNT2 == ATI7000
  • Geforce1 == ATI7500
  • Geforce2 == ATI8000
  • Geforce3==ATI8500

I'm thinking in terms of DirectX support rather than raw power - the Geforce3 and 8500 both support DirectX8 with shaders for example, the Geforce1 has hardware T&L support etc.

If anyone could correct any mistakes here and tell me which Matrox cards would go where that'd be great. Also if you'd like to extend the table to more recent cards... (or slightly previous for the Voodoo 2/3/4/5 cards)

I'm developing a PC game and I'm trying to get hold of different graphics cards, but I need to know how to categorise them so I know which I want to find...