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Thread: Computer does not restart. please help.

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    Computer does not restart. please help.


    im building a new computer and i have the minimum setup. HD, cdrom, powerswitch, speaker connection and video card.

    i turn on the computer and runs fine...but then when i go to restart the video drops out and the cpu fan keeps running, but thats it. the only way i can get it to start up, is to clear the CMOS. then it boots..but same thing happens when i go to restart.

    i also swapped the video card with change.

    specs are..

    mobo: biostar m7ncd
    cpu: amd 2200+
    vid card: 32mb geforce (lol, i know its free from me for now till he can upgrade)
    psu: sparkle 300w

    lemme know if ya need more info..

    any help would be greatly appriciated...

    thank you.
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    Interesting problem...
    Do you have to clear CMOS every single time?? You should check over your BIOS settings very carefully, perhaps try loading (safe settings) in bios.

    what o/s is it... XP or 9X?? what happens if you try to shutdown or pull the plug, will it turn back on? or do you need to clear CMOS too?

    also check your HD, just disconnect it, boot PC (it will post) then hit reset button, check if it resets.

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    i flashed the bios, that fixed it. thx.

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