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Thread: AMPTRON PII-3100 mainboard question

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    AMPTRON PII-3100 mainboard question

    I recently got a secondhand computer from a friend, who was going to throw it away i supose. everything seems to work but the hard drive (bad sectors, clicking noise) so i got rid of the hard drive, which was a 5 gig Fujitsu drive. its an old computer, but in decent shape, and all i need it for is light browsing for recipes in the kitchen (as im a chef) however it wont find the only spare drive i have (a 40 gig 4500 rpm quantum fireball) (hangs at the BIOS which is an award BIOS, saying..searching for primary IDE drive ( i know the cables are fine and the drive is fine so im guessing it is too big and the BIOS cant support it?)

    i did some searching, and found out the board is an AMPTRON PII-3100 mainboard, (made in 1998 or so) but i cannot seem to find any info on the boards' hard drive size limit, what it can acept and recgonize. ( i assume a BIOS update would solve this, but i am not that confident to try that, so am not looking for that sort of info, as i dont have a floppy drive in it either.
    dont want to mess anything up, as its working fine hardware wise. so was just wondering if anyone was familiar with this board or knows where to find the sort of helpful info be really really grateful as id hate to see a computer not being used when its in otherwise okay shape, as i could just use a cheap small hard drive that would be recognized and usable.
    I can provide any more info that may help, just really would like some info or any solutions i havent thought of, as im not very technically minded, and this is as far as i got before getting stuck.


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    all i can really think is make sure the Hd isnt on the same ribbon as the cd rom, i have the same prob when i built my junkard pc for dedicatyed gamming hosting,and as for the biso it should work my old p2 350 works witha 80 gig and its a intel 440 bx 2 built farther back thenyours lol,

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