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Thread: only 128GB of my hard drive shows up

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    only 128GB of my hard drive shows up

    ok i bought a 200GB maxtor hard drive a week ago and it came here yesterday. when installed it it said it could only read 128GB of it or something. i read about it on the internet. it said i needed to install windows xp service pack 1, but that did not fix it. then i went to maxtors website and downloaded the 'big drive enabler', which apparently they said is what i need to make it read all 200GBs of it. but that didn't work either. when i tried to install it it said that it was already enabled.

    however, when i right click on "C:/" it still only shows up as "128GB"...anyone know what i can do to get my 70 gigs back?

    my specs are although i doubt they will help

    athlon 2000+
    radeon 9600
    768MB ram
    service pack 1 (i didn't download it straight from the windows site tho, it was from a third party site, but it seemed authentic and had the microsoft stuff so i assume it is real, my friend thinks this is why it isn't reading it)

    help help

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    what is the model of your motherboard?

    Does the drive show up as 200gig in the bios?

    you might just need a simple bios update..weird that the software says its complete

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    Then again..... Windows may have failed to see the rest of the disk space...... happened to me before!!

    You can use something like Partition Magic to increase your partition size giving you access to your 200 gigs.

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    Egghead eluded that depending on the motherboard version and bios date, it may only support upto 128GB so the rest is wasted. Yes you could use partition magic to create another partition of 70GB so its usable. I think motherboards with ata133 ide natively support >128GB, most times this can be fixed with a BIOS update.

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