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Thread: NVIDIA geforce

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    NVIDIA geforce

    This Nvidia driver is driving me nuts!!!. It has more bags the microsoft windows 95. I have geforce 4 440 mx 128 mb +TV OUT and one serious problem.
    When I connect my hardwar to the tv I get picture but I have bright lines on my screen(brighter then the rest of the screen). I have 2 TVs tried it on both same result!!
    please help
    nvidia site is useless, have the last update
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    I have a problem with my Geforce 4 MX 4000 graphics card drivers too. After migrating from win 2000 pro to win xp pro, the drivers will not install inspite of installing directx 9.0 and updating windows( I dont have SP2). I have the manfacturers CD, after installing the drivers many times over also, my card is still shown as a problem device and it is running on the default windows drivers !!!!!

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    first try to go to and download the destroyer to clean out any drivers then go to the drivers page and install the latest drivers which would be 67.22. That driver is the latest WHQL driver for XP.

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    Also, check the settings of the TV, your TV might be PAL or NTSC and the vid card is set to the wrong one... just a thought.

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