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Thread: Gen Hardware Question

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    Gen Hardware Question

    Happy Holidays everybody! Just a quick question. My brother and I play a lot of HL-2 DM and I'm a little miffed that his computer is out-performing mine. I have a faster processor, more RAM, etc. The things I have narrowed down to are as follows:

    My game is installed on a SATA hard drive whereas my brother is straight IDE, I doubt this is the problem, but access time I guess is something to consider.

    We were both using GeForce 4 Ti 4600s (128MB), but my fan crapped out on that so I bought a GeForce FX 5700 LE (256MB). While this is a lower end 256MB card, it should be better than the GF4Ti4600. Anyways he's getting like 20-30 more FPS than my computer.

    Finally I am using a Hitachi LCD whereas my bro has a nice ViewSonic CRT. My LCD has two inputs, the standard VGA and the DVI, which is better for gaming? (I'm using DVI right now) I doubt the monitor would affect the FPS, but it is another factor you guys should know about.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBrave50
    I doubt the monitor would affect the FPS,
    well think again, if both systems were exact except for monitors the CRT is going to beat the LCD in certain situations....V-sync

    Ok your running an LCD with DVI, right ? now if you use DVI then your LCD is set at 60hz refresh. Now if you have v-sync enabled the game will cap at 60fps. As far as I know DVI limits refresh to 60hz, you'd need to use VGA out to get an option for another refresh rate.

    Ok now your brother has a nice CRT, right ? well your brother prolly has the refresh rate set higher than 60hz so it doesn't bug his eye's. I don't know what your brother's settings are but I'd guess the ViewSonic set at 85hz refresh. Now if he has v-sync enabled then he could game at 85fps so if both of you are using v-sync the CRT wins

    Of coarse you could disable v-sync and shoot for the moon in FPS both LCD & CRT but the CRT is going to win in another area if you do so.....graphic tearing. Do to the fact you can run CRT at higher refresh it has a higher level of FPS before you get tearing.

    I think your brother might know a trick or two he's not telling ya...

    Happy Holiday

    edit-LOL I must of had racing on the brain spelling change CART to CRT
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    I totally agree with FastGame. The CRT will beat the LCD at gaming hands down, every time.

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    Hey guys thanks for the help. I knew upon buying the LCD that it wasn't as good for games, but living in a college dorm you need the space. I guess I wasn't aware that it made THAT big a difference. I'll try your guys suggestions. Thanks again.

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