Mobile phone security is bad now, but it is only going to get worse, a security firm said Wednesday as it laid out this year's attack timeline to demonstrate the quickening pace of exploits.

Finnish anti-virus vendor F-Secure listed 2004's attacks against smartphones, particularly those running the popular Symbian operating system -- Nokia is a one of the phone makers whose devices use the OS -- starting with the spring's Mosquito "trojanized" game and running through this week's similar threat, another Trojan masquerading as a popular cell phone game, Metal Gear Solid.

In between, the Cabir worm spread, which first became public in June, has been detected in China, India, Turkey, the Philippines, and Finland.

Most alarming, said F-Secure, is the ramp-up of worms during the last 30 days. Since November 19, eight new exploits attacking smart phones have been uncovered by F-Secure. Five are of the Cabir family, while three are variants of Skulls, a Trojan horse that replaces icons on phone displays with pics of human skulls.