From Slashdot

"It seems that the attack on torrent sites is continuing strong. This time Lokitorrent is being sued by the MPAA. Unlike Suprnova and most of the previous sites however, they aren't planning to just roll over and die. It will no doubt be a dificult fight, but they plan to stay up for the time being. Also, they are asking for donations to cover their legal expenses. So far they have raised $8,755 out of a needed $30,000. "

From Lokitorrent

(12/28 UPDATE!) LokiTorrent is officially being sued by the MPAA (Image of the legal paper here)! If you've ever benefitted from bittorrent or this site, now is the time to show your support. We need this fund to exceed the minimum required to fight back!

$13955 in support so far, $30,000 needed

Every penny of this fund will be going towards legal and other costs associated with saving peer-to-peer as a whole. This may sound like a lot of money, but legal fees are VERY expensive, and $30,000 is the minimum required.