I'll add more information as I discover it! I really wanted to get these drivers out to you as soon as I could!! What I have determined is that the files were WHQL on the 22nd of December and the other files have a timestamp of 15th so at least they weren't the drivers that were being worked on just before and during the Christmas part because you know that could just mean problems. Without a modified .INF these drivers only support the Geforce6 series, but if you are using older cards you should have fast and stable drivers anyway to be honest.

Use NVTweak to unleashes hidden function within ForceWare drivers, it enables several new Direct3d and OpenGL configuration tabs, and even more tweaking capability from the nVidia taskbar settings panel like the Overclocking , AGP settings and the Refresh Rate Override tabs.

Please leave your performance results in the comments and tell us all how they work.

Download Forceware 71.24