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Thread: Cannot exit BIOS setup

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    Cannot exit BIOS setup

    I just finished building my 1st system. Abit AI7, P4 3.0, Kingston HyperX 1GB set (2x512), Maxtor 120 HD, and Radeon S80 Video. Windows XP Pro.
    After setting BIOS, F10, Y and Enter....nothing happens. It is like the enter
    key does not work. I have reset and tried this several times with no success.
    Windows XP is installed and boots, but is unstable and defaults to the Abit
    screen when running the CD player or any functions in Windows. Why can I
    not save my BIOS settings to stabilize the system??
    Thanks for the help. :

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    Try replacing the cmos battery.....I just had the same problem with a system that I put together earlier this year....I know it sounds to easy but it is possible that you have a bad battery....just a thought.

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    I would imagine faulty memory might also be your problem. Try booting with just 1 stick of memory. If you get things running, download memtest:

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