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Thread: Tsunami Disaster

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    Angry Tsunami Disaster

    I know there are few members from or near the Tsunami effected regions, so sorry. Found a couple of links that can only give a small insight into the harsh reality of destruction.

    Sat Pics

    Not for the faint hearted.
    What you dont see in the sat pics!

    Lets pray that this doesnt happen again, and that it puts Humans off from starting or having wars!!

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    Relief pouring in

    Yeah, relief is pouring into the affected areas in a big way. I'm from India, but from the interior, so thankfully hyd is unharmed. Those people who are most affected are the ones who are the poorest indonesia and andaman and nicobar took the brunt of it.
    but whats heartening is that so many people are doing such a good job of helping out. We're planning to hold a fete to raise money.

    Can't see the page (2nd link0, gives me a 'The page cannot be displayed' error.

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