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Thread: Peer Guardian 2 Update

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    Peer Guardian 2 Update

    PeerGuardian2 (PG2) is underway, and is currently being coded by Don_Phrostbyte. A beta version has been released to specific testers on the forums. However, if you are eager to test out what PG2 will be like, you might want to look at PG Lite - a stripped down version of the upcoming PG2. You can find more information about PG Lite at:

    Are you wondering why PG2 will be so great? Well, to name a few features, it blocks all protocol levels, uses 0% CPU, and has 100% accuracy. What else can you expect? A nice GUI, featuring real time logging. A full automatic update service to keep your blocklists updated. Even a plugin system - ever thought of a statistics graph of the things you block?

    Can't wait for 0% CPU usage! If PG2 can rival Protowall, then I think it will be a winner!

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    Sorry to revive such an old thread... but I've only just jumped on the PeerGuardian bandwagon...

    For Vista, i'm running the PG2 RC Test version... is that the latest, most compatible?

    It has automatic list updates, do you still need the BlockIP manager?

    What options should i use.. i think i've got all lists active?

    is there a better alternative?


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    He mentioned Protowall. Does that work with Vista?

    I read that torrents are now getting viruses. I read that all p2p has fake files and viruses except torrents.

    -Have a nice day.

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