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Thread: CD-ROM and CD-R/RW Drives

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    CD-ROM and CD-R/RW Drives

    my cd-rom and cd-r/rw drives work on another computer just fine. but they only work every other time you boot the system. meaning that you can turn on the computer and you will see them there as drives D and E, then you can shut down, turn it on again, and you won't see them. It's like you never installed them. now i don't need to ask if that's weird, cause i think there's a general consensus.

    so how do i solve this problem because the drivers are installed and are working fine. could it be the mother board? or just old drives? because they are fairly new i believe.


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    Ya might try swapping out the IDE cable first. If that doesn't change it there very well may be a problem within the Windows ASPI layer, but always start with the easiest thing first.

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    When you shutdown the computer, do you turn the Power from the Pluf off as well... I had a sony CD-RW drive, that if you shut off power, next startup wouldnt recognise both CD drives... only way to fix it was remove IDE cable start PC up, then shut down, put IDE cable and restart OK!.... this continued until I upgraded the CD-RW to a lite-on drive and now 100%.

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    sounds like a problem one of my friends had and it turned out to be a fauly ide cable so ya try replacing that if it doesnt work there were a few times my drives messed up on me too but after a clean install of windows they worked fine

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