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Thread: Small Zone Alarm problem.

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    Small Zone Alarm problem.

    Hello everyone,

    Recently i decided to get a copy of Zone alarm security suite for my PC as i was having a problem with spyware/adware getting into my PC.The good news is it solved that problem the bad news is im having another new minoe problem.

    Ok well first thing im on a DSL connection through a router.Now hers the problem i usually leave my PC on 24/7 except when i put it into sleep mode ive noticed since install ZA i have to restart once a day because it seems to drop my internet connection and the only way to get it back is to restart.

    note ZA isnt locked as i know turning the lockj on will block connections to and from the net.The question is,is there some option im missing that will stop making ZA drop the connection?Thanks as always.

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    Im not familar with ZA suite, but perhaps see if there is a time-out feature on the Internet connection... it might be a security feature just in case you accidently left the computer on - more chance of being hacked

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