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Thread: East West Avast! is the best

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    Thumbs up East West Avast! is the best

    In the name of Allah the most Gracious the most merciful

    East west Avast! Is the best
    Please no word more as no one made what I make
    My hobby is to compare between antivirus programs so for this reason I have 4 operating system in my computer to allow many antivirus to work spontaneously (at the same time)
    Every day I setup a championship among those antivirus programs you can say tournament or cup championship between them
    The least two antivirus are removed and are replaced by two new programs
    All programs I have is the recent versions and all are up to dated immediately before comparison
    The end result bring me to this fact which is that (east west Avast! Is the best)
    At this moment I have six antivirus spontaneously work
    Avast! On An operating system alone
    AVG and NOD32 on another operating system both on one
    Kaspersky And Bitdefender on another operating system both on one
    Mcafee On fourth operatibg system Alone
    All of them are the recent versions all are up to date
    Sure there is no virus in my computer so someone can ask who can I compare?
    I browse the hard disks of my friends that full of viruses and any virus found I write its extension and name and keep it in its site to see if the other anti virus will detect it or not
    No time I begin with Avast! Then can any other anti virus program find any virus after Avast!
    And each time I end by Avast! It will detect at least a virus after all other
    The greatest lie is Norton
    So it was dismissed from my championship one mounth ago
    Panda 2005 titanium after I install it immediately after it restart is scan it by Avast! It detect a virus in its file And it is not a false positive but real positive as panda did not have chest or quadrant yet
    Trend micro pc cilline 2005 is good but not superior mcafee is very good Kaspersky is very good AVG is very nice NOD32 is very good
    But no one superior than Avast!
    I can arrange them as follow
    McAfee 9
    AVG & Kaspersky
    Then all is similar
    1-no antivirus find a virus after Avast! Scan
    2-the only one that scan the pagefile
    3-you can not feel that there is antivirus running on your system it is so nice
    4-easy to update and upgrade
    5-you can download its update and save it
    6-three level of scan
    7-scan within the applications itself and find a virus in the application of the raw programs
    8-scan even within the virtual cds files in its site even if it is not inserted in the virtual drive
    Scan compressed files as it most be
    9-its on access scanner is so aware without interfering with your system speed
    10-avalible for all operating system even four dos and server 2003 and other operating system not related to Microsoft and available as free for home user

    The best fire wall is tiny fire wall
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    To Download Avast!

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    There are already a couple of us who are Avast users and we are impressed by it.

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    yep Avast is real good wait till you see the next revision

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    I wonder what them thar Southerners think

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    Avast is indeed a very good workstation solution. McAfee is another that I like. We use McAfee at work for it's enterprise features, something Avast needs to work on.

    Many thanks to egghead for the cool .sig

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