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Thread: Vendor redemption

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    Vendor redemption

    Many of you know that I purchase computer gear from Tiger Direct (frequently). It seems that when you need something, it will be on sale at Tiger Direct within a few days. My only complaint is that their business model relies heavily on manufacturer rebates. I have had two rebates amounting to $70 that have been impossible to collect. This has not kept me from shopping at Tiger. I have saved several times that amount in recent months.

    It has been an irritation and I have complained often. Yesterday while ordering a computer LINK for a customer, I was told that I would receive a notice within 5 days stating that I have a $70 credit for my next purchase. This was not through the manufacturer, it is from Tiger. I consider that a nice recovery. That $70 will go toward 512MB of PC3200 memory.
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    Rebate practices have been an annoyance for me across the board. I have found that most vendors attempt to either make the rebates difficult to find or collect. In some cases the advertised rebate amount was different from the amount on the actual rebate form.

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