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    3,546 for sale at Sedo

    The domain is up for sale at LokiTorrent is being sued by the Motion Pictures Association of America (MPAA) and has gathered over $40,000 from it's users in a legal defence fund. Needless to say this has made many of its users, especially those who donated to the site, very unhappy. At, this is the description of what you can bid to buy.

    Complete working peer-to-peer website. Includes: 680,000 registered *active* (within 6 months) members. Complete source code of and Completely automated opt-in mailing list (daily mailings). Benefits of this site: Fully automated web resource site. Zero maintenance required. WELL known site (#1 in it's area). Entire site came to be from word of mouth ONLY. Site is #3 on google for top10 search 'torrent' 1.8M page views (not including downloads) per day on main site alone. Steady stream of advertising inquiries. Complete administration control panel and moderator functions Fully automated donation system with donor-only features. Completely optimized for heavy loads. Extremely loyal user base. Mailing lists are completely opt-in, no forced mailings. All e-mails are confirmation link verified (no bogus addresses). Membership grows by 3,000 registrations DAILY.

    Lowkee was quick to squash any rumours of the site being a scam, leaving a message on the main page to the users and donators to the site..
    I now know what it's like to be a politician. Every move, no matter how small, gets posted as news.

    As some of you may have read recently on some p2p news sites, is posted as 'for sale' on

    If you ran a website (and some of your do), wouldn't you be curious how much it was worth?

    It's common knowledge that most people that buy websites don't buy them to continue running them. They simply nab the mailing list, spam everyone, then make the site into one big sponsored search engine and pop-up gallery. ...The exact reason selling it would mean scrapping an entire year's worth of work that I and the entire volunteer team at LokiTorrent have put into making a worthwhile community site.

    If some guy offers me $75K for the domain name, he's more than welcome to it, and I'll simply move the site to a different domain. Selling the entire site will never happen. I have way too much of myself in this site to sell it for any price (well, 2 million could get me to part with it, lol.. but let's live in reality).

    As for the legal fund.. if I were going to run off, I would have already. That money is for the lawsuit, as stated. Only those who would run off with the money thought we would.

    The legal fund is an enormous sum, and it shows exactly who supports p2p rights. Those who called it a scam and haven't put a few bucks in don't deserve the work, money and time I and the rest of the supporters of LokiTorrent and other p2p sites have put into their projects. If it were up to them, the internet would be nothing more than porn spam and fake college degrees.

    Lead by example. We're fighting for your rights, the right to run our site and up until recently I have been spending my OWN money (thousands of it!) to keep LokiTorrent running for this past year. It was only recently when we began making our bills.. just in time for them to double from extra bandwidth usage.

    If there were so many who jump on the 'it's a scam' bandwagon every time we make a change or entertain curiousity, this website (and many other user supported sites) would never exist. I can't tell you how many people I've seen say 'That lawsuit is a fake, anyone can make up a bogus suit'

    Yeah, tell that to the MPAA. I'd love nothing more than to make that rediculous suit vanish.

    Write an article on that.

    UK based IT news site, The Register, claims that after the news was reported on the register, Lowkee changed his original message. The Register article is now claiming that Lowkee removed a part of the message, a part that stated the domain could be sold to a high bidder. This is the alleged quote...
    If someone offers us some huge amount for the domain name, we MAY accept and simply move this web site to a different domain name (most likely take over, but I don't see that happening any time soon.
    Now we can all just sit back and watch conspiracy theories and numerous stories and claims appear on the world's biggest P2P sites, as usual.

    The Register

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    It will be interesting to watch, but so unnecessary... a little disappointing they he would even try it I guess wait and see is the catch cry!

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