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Thread: High Tech Cheating: Keyloggers in the Classroom

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    High Tech Cheating: Keyloggers in the Classroom

    A high school student flunked out in his scheme to steal test answers by plugging high-tech equipment into a teacher's computer, Fort Bend school officials said Tuesday.

    The 16-year-old sophomore at Clements High in Sugar Land was charged with a misdemeanor that could bring jail time and a stiff fine, authorities said.

    The boy admitted rigging a keystroke-recording device onto the computer after Fort Bend Independent School District police confronted him, said district spokeswoman Mary Ann Simpson.

    She said the scheme was uncovered after authorities learned that the boy had attempted to sell the answers.

    The device was installed for four days in the middle of November, He installed it when the teacher was not looking. Simpson said.

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    Wow, in my days we had hand signals and cheat sheets... now it's going the way of 007... Maybe teachers need a course in Anti-Cheating???

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    Most recently, mobile phones were big on the list of ways to cheat with their increasing popularity and features. They have since been banned from exam rooms...

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    Even digital dictionaries... as they had Infrared capabilities to transmit coded words

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