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Thread: PCLinux OS LiveCD's rock

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    PCLinux OS LiveCD's rock

    I have just been introduced to Linux courtesy of:-

    In short I have a laptop that only has Windows XP installed - yet with this I was able to run Linux from the CD Drive.

    This is a single disc download either BitTorrent or direct. Once the .iso file is downloaded simply burn as an image onto disc using Nero or a similar program.

    On completion, ensure your PC is set so that it can boot-up from the CD, put in the disc & boot-up.

    I have 2 machines - It didn't work for me on my desktop as it can't seem to find the LG TFT monitor - so I was in darkness and unable to log in. But my Toshiba Laptop experience was spot-on. I just popped in the disc, booted up from the CD - watched the set-up for a minute and then logged in. It had no problem linking in with my router and I was straight online with the built in firefox. To get back to XP - I just logged out and re-booted as normal.

    There is so much more than I have mentioned here, so If you've ever wanted to give Linux a closer look-see - but didn't want to risk having to partition your drive and losing data - this could be the answer.

    It really is a very impressive piece of kit - although at the moment be aware it is in Beta.
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    There is also a version of "Lindows/Linspire 4.5" that can run from a live CD.Its very similar to windows in many ways.Theres also another called Slaxlinux both of these i have used and would recommend

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    Try knoppix it's the best live distro you may also like FreeSBIE

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