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Thread: Green light on DVD Burner. What gives?

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    Green light on DVD Burner. What gives?

    I just recently bought a DVD burner and unlike any other CD drives that I have whenever I leave a disk in the burner, the green indicator light is on.

    Unlike my CD drive the green indicator light only comes on when I access the drive, if I have a game disk in there and the drive is not being accessed it stays off.

    The DVD burner works fine but I am wondering why leaving a disk in there, causes the green light to be on? Is it just telling me that there’s a disk in there?

    Someone also told me that by leaving disks in CD/DVD drives you reduce the life of the drive, is this accurate?


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    i understand that if you leave cheaper brand discs in your drive it will get the disc hot and this loosens the glue that holds the tin in place and this can cause the cd film to buble slightly destroying the disc. on commercial audio cd's and games this will not happen as the top is coated with additional protection to prevent this

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    yes i have a few drives that do that too all it is doing is telling you that there is a cd in the drive

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