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Thread: Telephone dialing software

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    Telephone dialing software

    I'm trying to digitally record some voicemails I have on a cellphone. I would like to download some software or something that acts as a telephone so I can dial into my voicemail then use another program to capture the audio. What can I use to make the call? I tried to use Skype but I don't like it, I think it makes you pay to make the calls. Any suggestions?

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    You just turn up the speaker volume and use a very sensitive microphone and record to Computer... or even plug a wire into the headphone jack and plug into sound card.

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    hrm... cash might be onto something with the hooking it up to the input of your soundcard from teh cell headphone jack.

    i've never tried it.. but i spose it would be possible if you could find a cable with teh right plugs.

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