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Thread: School RFID

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    School RFID

    Check this out. They are tracking thier (gradeschool) students with 'name tags'. They claim its to handle attendance better and so they can notify thier parents if they don't show up to school. They are gradeschool kids, how often do they skip school?? I think Sylvester Stalone put it best - "Why don't you just shove a leash up my ass?",...w=wn_tophead_5
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    world is flipping out

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    They had a similar idea at a local high school, instead of RFID they had swipe cards... same deal to track attendance etc... best bet was paying the nerd to swipe all cards when they entered and just return the card at lunch time

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    LMAO at our school we had/have a pink attendance sheet(now white in colour). We have to fill in the no. of students present for every class and ask the teachers to sign it every class. Doesnt let students skip classes... in theory at least...

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    Doesnt let students skip classes... in theory at least...
    rite u are...i used to give attendence for nominal bribes in class 6..

    and then tarun took over in class 7 and then on it became tough to bunk classes

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