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Thread: Bios cant find hard drive SATA after computer crash

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    Bios cant find hard drive SATA after computer crash

    Hi, can someone please help me?
    After leaving my com for around 3 days i opened up mutiple programs and in the mean time was unrar-ing a file, in the middle of the process my computer freezed and i had to manual press the reset button on the computer, after i restart windows XP when to a grey progress bar something like scandisk i guessed but i am not sure since it has no writing and i naver seen it b4 on XP, but it got stuck so i pressed restart again, this time it went to the grey progress bar too and then start to load windows up normally but then u took ages and nothing was moving so i restarted my computer once more in the middle of loading and then my bios just got stuck at decting my drive, so i restarted it and then same thing happens so i waited this time and after around 5 mins or so there was none dected and the message "CMOS checksum error - Defaults loaded" F1 to continue I pressed F1 and it loads up my on board network and restarts the computer after a few times it no longer shows "CMOS checksum error - Defaults loaded" just a 5 min wait and said none detected and restarts the computer, with out letting me boot with cd or a drive. and the hard drive can be detected. when i took my harddrive off it would let me boot with cd / a drive without it auto restarting.

    my hard drive is SATA Barracuda 7200.7 200 Gbytes model ST3200822AS
    my mother board is MSI K8N Neo2 Ms-7025 (v1.X) ATX Mainboard
    NVIDIA nForce 3 Ultra Chipset

    Platform: windows XP SP2

    is there anyway to fix this problem or some how extract the files from the hard drive, if need more info plz ask away

    i tried resetting the bios and i checked the cables plugin correctly


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    Did you try removing the CMOS battery/reinstall it/replace it? That should clear everything and might let you get back into your system.

    Can you verify that your HDD is good? I mean can you see if it can be read in a another system?


    Diagnosis: The most common cause of checksum errors in CMOS is a battery that is losing power. Viruses can also affect CMOS settings, and motherboard problems can also affect the stored values.

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    hmm i wil take it to a friends how to try it out then

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