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Thread: Intel Desktop Board(network)

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    Intel Desktop Board(network)

    i have been using a wireless connection for quite some time now, but i moved and cant use it here. I tryed to use a cable modem and plug it directly into my computer using an etherent cord...but that didnt work...the modems fine..i found out the problem was with my drivers for my intel desktop board etherent thing....ive tryed to install them over and over, but it doesnt do anything...and when i go to Device Manager and look under other devices..theres an etherent controller with a question mark....i need this card to work but installing the drivers dont seem to be working..any1 know how to make this work???
    any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Find out which motherboard you have (the model number) and then go to the Intel website ( and search for the drivers for the onboard LAN card. If you need a tool to identify your mobo get everest home edition from Lavalys.

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    Yup. Just probably not installing the right drivers.

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