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Thread: Not recognizing hard drive

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    Not recognizing hard drive

    when i start my computer, it no longer recognizes the hard drive during the boot sequence. this has happened in the past, and i've been able to solve it by disconnecting the hard drive and reconnecting it. that isn't working this time, and i've tried a new cable, but that's not the problem either. i attached it to another computer and the drive was instantly recognized. does that mean i have a problem with my motherboard? i'm clueless to how to fix this.

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    ya id say its ur motherboard but before u do anything if u have an extra hard drive hook that up and see if it recognizes it....if it does then i dunno what to tell u if it doesnt then its probably ur motherboard...u can always try a bios update see if that does anything make sure u have all the drivers installed for ur motherboard....try switching the cable and put it in the secondary slot instead of the primary i dont know if that works but its worth a shot

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    Welcome to Techzonez. If the bios isn't seeing the drive you might try cleearing the NVRam and resetting the bios defaults. How to do this exactly depends on what motherboard you have.

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