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Thread: ADSL keeps cutting off, is there away to keep it connected

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    ADSL keeps cutting off, is there away to keep it connected

    Im used to having good old cable but moved out into the sticks and can only have adsl and its really anoying because it isnt a permenent conection and keeps cutting off when I leave it. Is there any way round this? like with a conection tool or something. Ive tried adsl keepalive but I dont know if ive got it configered right because it dosent work. Also sometimes if wont conect and I have to restart to sort it out.

    any help would be great thanks

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    Contact your ASDL support desk for help in verifying that the modem is set up correctly. I have a lan connected to internet via dsl. The lan is always connected.
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    if u are using a router it may be the router a friend of mine had the same problem so he retured it and got a new one and it was fine after that

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    you should check your settings, especially the "timeout and disconnect" one... usually set to 20mins in router/modem or even in browser and network settings...

    Even though ADSL is supposed to be an always-on thing, there is still a process of 'dialing' to the server PPPoE etc, so it can be 'hang-the-call'

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