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Thread: CD ripper programs for games.

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    CD ripper programs for games.

    A while back I asked for some help with backing up my DVD's and got some great recommendations for DVD ripper programs (DVD decrypter, DVD Shrink).

    Now, I need to back up/copy some PC games in order to travel with them on my lap top and I need a program to do this.

    I have NERO and I have tried to disk copy, burn image, back up, but I keep getting disk read errors. BTW I am trying to make a back up (travel) copy of
    "Command and Conquer: Generals".

    Any recommendations/help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

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    well I would use nero or clonecd to burn the cd. I prefer clonecd for making backups of my cds. Then with your games you'll need to go to There you will find NO-CD fixes so you can install the game and play it without the cd in it. By doing this you preserve your cds because they're not in use at all.

    ***note*** Techzonez does not condone piracy of any kind and the above advice is for users that want to make a back up copy of their store bought games.
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    first I would read the licence and EULA of the games/dvds etc and your state/country laws... as some places/games dont allow backups to be made or at least not to run them...

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