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Thread: SATA to IDE

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    Unhappy SATA to IDE

    ok this may seem a silly question to some of you but here goes..

    Is it possible to connect a SATA drive to an IDE cable?

    i know i can get a SATA to IDE adapter allowing me to plug my SATA drive to my motherboard, but this involves me losing two pieces of my hardware via this IDE channel.

    i already have the SATA to IDE adapter and once i have got some more pin jumpers i will run the puppy up so that it is a slave drive.

    However i would really love to be able to connect it (maybe via this adapter) to one of my IDE cables, therefore only losing my spare DVD playing drive, as opposed to losing that and my cd-burner. (luckily i do have a dvd-burner, so all is not completely lost).

    hope someone out there can help.


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    I believe you need a device like that.

    You can get it there, if that is not the same device that you already have.

    Then you simply plug the Sata device into this converter, and then plug the converter into an empty slot on your IDE ribbon cable.

    Why not just add a PCI Sata controller?

    Those are relatively cheap, but it requires you to have a free PCI slot. Then you wouldn't have to lose a single device. and you'd have SATA speeds and compatibility.

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